2017-Apr-03 01:49 PM

10/20/2016 was my first time visiting Mangia after rave reviews from many friends, family and co-workers. My test for any italian restaurant is my favorite, the shrimp scampi - I like mine with angel hair pasta, the smaller pasta gives a more intense flavor to the scampi sauce I've never seen an italian restaurant that didnt have angel hair - not a big deal. The shrimp were very good size, large actually, the portion of pasta was good but you only get six shrimp - each additional shrimp is $1 - the visual was appealing - the top of the pasta was covered in parmesan cheese and the shrimp sat on top. in my first bite I got some of everything, it was very good - until the parmesan cheese crusted on the top was gone and then it tasted like plain unseasoned pasta and butter - it was extremely bland - there was a 1/4 inch butter/oil in the bottom of my foil to go container. FOR $13.49 $4 for the extra shrimp I was a little disappointed but I will try mangia again - the 4 pepper italian sausage soup was freaking amazing. They should make that everyday.
2016-Oct-21 03:54 PM