2018-Jul-31 04:13 PM

Your sugo sauce is sooo delish! The servicing size is enough to split, just order an extra salad and roll, or take home half for your wonderful self. Best in town.
2018-Apr-07 02:28 PM

Very disappointed in this lasagna. It was floating in sugo sauce that tasted like tomatoes and sugar, lots of sugar!
2017-Jul-29 08:23 PM

The best lasagna I have ever had and plenty of it
2017-Mar-01 01:16 PM

Unique and flavorful lasagna!! Excellent combination of flavors!!
2017-Feb-22 10:16 AM

Taste was good but the quantity was way too small for the price
2016-Nov-07 05:40 PM

Best lasagna I've ever had.
2016-Oct-02 04:23 PM

Sicilian sauce and plenty of cheese. Very good.
2016-Aug-30 07:25 PM

AMAZING! My favorite, even though there are other entrees here that are close!
2016-Mar-09 11:36 AM

AWESOME. Had this today for the first time. It is great!
2016-Mar-08 08:58 PM

The meat lasagna is SO good! Get it!
2016-Feb-26 12:57 PM

Delish! Sauce has a sweetness to it that is amazing!
2015-Dec-04 12:15 PM

Unbelievable Best Lasagna in Omaha!A touch Sweet and Savory
2015-Nov-17 12:09 PM

DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!Very good
2015-Aug-03 06:19 PM