Homemade pasta would rate 5 stars. But as is it was wonderful.
2018-Dec-22 06:00 PM

Very good Tasted very close to my grandfather’s recipe who is a full-blooded Italian Sicilian man
2018-Apr-26 04:35 PM

This is my favorite pasta dish! I get it almost every time we order.
2018-Feb-24 05:56 PM

Favorite dish with homemade meatballs - fantastic!
2018-Jan-26 12:35 PM

When I KMan I ordered the circle and meatballs and it was very good sauce and meatballs but they barely gave me any noodles and then the waitress forgot Like 5 or 6 times to come back and get my to go order but otherwise it was OK
2018-Jan-15 05:15 PM

This sauce is so delicious. It's on the sweeter side ...so good. The meatballs are so flavorful . The sugo sauce, meatballs and spaghetti...my favorite!
2017-Dec-28 07:46 AM

The best!!!! So good!
2017-Nov-15 03:38 PM

Excellant quality. Very good portion. Would highly recommend. All my family enjoys the food.
2017-Aug-21 04:33 PM

5-STARS! Nothing better on planet Earth. We drive from Lincoln,NE to dine at Mangia Italiana. Nothing else like it anywhere! THE BEST IN ITALIAN FOOD. HANDS DOWN!
2016-Jun-22 03:04 AM

Very Delicious if your a fan of a sweeter sauce!
2016-Mar-15 07:30 PM