Best pizza in Omaha
2019-Feb-05 12:36 PM

BEST PIZZA AROUND! Used to buy it every Friday getting one to share with friends soon!
2019-Jan-08 03:36 PM

Love This pizza and the way they make it is beyond awesome.
2019-Jan-02 05:59 PM

Picked up a medium yesterday... my friend and I loved it.
2018-Sep-22 01:43 PM

This is by FAR the best buffalo chicken pizza I have ever had! Nowhere else compares.
2018-Aug-23 04:29 PM

Best pizza on the menu!!
2018-Jan-19 04:47 PM

Easily my favorite slice of Pizza in Omaha. It's the Friday lunch special and I'm there each week.
2017-Dec-08 10:08 AM

Heaven in your mouth
2017-Sep-23 12:19 PM

Absolutely a FAVORITE of everybody at work.. and home! All of Mangia dishes are FANTASTIC, but this is the always 'go to pizza'. You can never go wrong at Mangia!!
2017-Aug-02 11:16 AM

Some of the best pizza I've had in a long time ...Super Buffalo Chicken????
2017-Jul-26 08:52 PM

My #1 favorite pizza in the world. And I've tried a lot of pizza.
2017-Jul-11 01:06 PM

2017-Jan-13 11:23 AM

Amazing usually order the Combo after I tried it now it's my favorite!
2016-Sep-10 07:20 PM

Best pizza ever. You will be returning for more of the delicious chicken pizza. I was nervous of a buffalo pizza. But it is now my favrite by far. Regular and super are same but super comes with peppers and cream cheese. It is fantastic.
2016-May-31 05:56 PM

I love this creative flavor of pizza!
2015-Dec-04 02:22 PM

My absolute fave!
2015-Nov-03 05:23 PM

2015-Jun-19 11:49 AM

Best pizza EVER!
2015-Jun-17 05:07 PM

Omgoodness heaven!! We drive from LaVista to get it!
2015-Jun-13 06:03 PM

This pizza is fabulous!!! Drive across town in rush hour for take out is worth it!!
2015-Jun-11 05:17 PM

The best pizza
2015-Jun-03 09:17 PM