Best in Town, my favorite, it's a must have!
2019-Feb-01 04:55 PM

This dip is the greastist. By far the best spinach artichoke dip Iíve ever had.
2018-Jul-17 04:57 PM

this is the best spinach and artichoke dip i have ever eaten on this planet!!!!!!
2018-Jan-26 10:43 AM

This is amazing. Had my reservations due to a limited palate, but WOW!!! Order this every time we come there.
2017-Jun-29 05:18 PM

Absolutely yummy! I never want to share!
2017-Jan-19 06:57 PM

Best spinach and artichoke duo EVER!!!
2016-Dec-13 05:03 PM

This was my first visit to Mangia. We ordered a Supreme Pizza and that was it. I started looking at the full menu while waiting for our pizza and noticed that Spinach and Artichoke dip was on the menu. I had to order it and Mangia did not disappoint! This was by far the best Spinach and Artichoke dip I have ever had. I wanted to order more today, but it's Sunday and closed. So I cannot wait to order more. By the way the pizza was amazing too!!!
2016-Dec-11 03:59 PM

The spinach artichoke dip was amazing! Served with tons of garlic bread.
2016-Jul-06 06:51 PM

A WINNER hands down . Best in Omaha .
2016-Jun-24 07:53 PM

This is the best!!!!
2016-Jun-17 12:50 PM

The best spinach artichoke dip ive ever had
2015-Jul-24 11:29 AM

When my husband and I took my mother to Mangia, she said the spinach and artichoke dip us the best she's ever had. We agree! Huge artichoke hearts and perfectly toasted beard dippers make it a must-have!
2015-Jun-19 07:47 PM